Thanks so much for taking some time to look at my work. I’m a freelance illustrator/farmhand/naturalist type living in Vermont with my husband, puppy, and ferocious kitten. I received a masters certificate in Science Illustration in 2014 and have been freelancing since. While my work has migrated from the scientific to the fanciful, my years as a science illustrator honed my observation and drawing skills. I have worked with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, UC Santa Cruz, The Lawrence Hall of Science, and Edible Magazine, Martha’s Vineyard. My work has been featured on the cover of the 2015 book of poems, Antidote to Night, published by Boa. And my first children’s book, The Violin Family—authored by Melissa Perley, is coming out on November 20th, 2019. You can preorder it here!

I am also currently an illustrator for Tree Free Greetings.

I’m currently open to commissions, collaborations, and licensing. Feel free to email me at