I’m your typical farmhand/naturalist/illustrator type. I spent my twenties as a naturalist—teaching kids to be comfortable-in and awed-by nature. That experience led me back to school to be trained as a science illustrator. I’ve learned that giving something attention helps you fall in love with it. Creating artwork based on nature, color, process, people, rocks, birds, blankets, mice (you get the picture) means I get to fall in love (daily) with our world. I always hope that what I create helps others do the same.

I’m forever exploring new mediums but right now my process for creating narrative scenes and decorative pieces goes a little something like this: I fill up my sketchbooks with watercolor illustrations. I take the most successful ones into Adobe Sketch and Photoshop. I play play play. Working between traditional and digital media lets me take each illustration further by giving me the flexibility to play with color, composition, and layers. This process allows me to create freely and hopefully a bit of that spirit comes out on the page.

If you’re interested in commissions, collaborations, or licensing please let me know! You can reach me by emailing me on this contact form or messaging me on Instagram.


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